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Zing Zang

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We've added a combination of spices and broth that makes Zing Zang different. The result, we think you will agree, is an extremely refreshing, full-bodied beverage. You'll find that Zing Zang is more satisfying because of our distinctive combination of quality ingredients which includes Lea & Parrins Worcestershire Sauce. Drink Zing Zang cold over ice, with or without your favorite vodka. Add a squeeze of lime with a celery stalk and you will enjoy a great cool, refreshing, energizing drink." Made with Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce & premium ingredients, such as, tomato puree, vegetable juice, white distilled vinegar, spices, seasonings, and Tabasco. Fat free.
Spring of 1996 was so wet that Chicago construction executive Richard Krohn was faced with several weeks of unanticipated freetime. Rather that sitting around waiting for the weather to break, or leaving town for some golf in Florida, Krohn’s thoughts turned to an old recipe. He had developed the recipe when he was in the hotel business years before. As the rain continued to fall, Krohn regrouped in his kitchen and started recreating the Bloody Mary Mix that had been the standard in his hotel’s bar. Before long, he had the full-bodied spicy blend that had delighted his hotel patrons.
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